Jill Scott Shuts Down Conservative Black Woman On Twitter For Comparing Her To Lizzo!

Yahoo.com, By Yolanda Baruch-BLAVITY, Posted April 29th 2022

Jill Scott ended a conversation on Twitter when a user tried to compare her to Lizzo, Sis2Sis reports.

Jilly from Philly wasn’t here for the disrespect.

Charrise Lane, who describes herself as a feminist and a pro-Black conservative, shared her unpopular opinions on the platform when she posted a tweet asking men who they would rather date.

She showed a side-by-side picture of the two entertainers, with Scott gracing the red carpet and the other with Lizzo and her buns in the sun boarding a private jet, Ice Cream Convos reports.

Scott addressed Lane’s problematic post with a gif of Kevin Hart mouthing “Stop that.”

Twitter was armed and ready for the epic dragging.

While Scott tried to defuse the situation, Twitter congregated to snatch Lane’s edges, collectively.

Jill Scott and Lizzo both minding their business and being compared on Twitter as the wholesome big one and the classless big one and being hypothetically chosen/picked apart by people that don’t stand a chance in hell is funny

Lane continued to defend her tweet.

Lane continued to double down on her original post by creating a Twitter Space to say she doesn’t regret her tweet. She further explained that she believes big girls can be classy and was not attempting to pit two Black women against each other.

“But all I was saying was basically like you can be a big girl or plus-size girl but still make it look good, and you can make it look good by adding class to it. That’s all I was saying,” Lane said. “I wasn’t trying to put Black women against each other that wasn’t really the purpose of tweeting that.”

During the Twitter Space, she was also joined by two other Twitter users who voiced their perspective and why they agreed or disagreed with Lane’s original tweet.