Anthony Mackie Buys a 20-Acre Plot Of Land In New Orleans For a Movie Studio!, By Ryan Steal, Posted May 12th 2022

Anthony Mackie has completed the acquisition of 20 acres of land in New Orleans East. As per, Mackie intends to establish East Studios LLC, a television and film studio, on the property.

Over 20 years ago, Louisiana was one of the first states to implement a cash rewards program for filmmakers, according to the publication. Officials from the government have openly expressed their support for the 42-year-old New Orleans native’s efforts to buy and develop the property. Other aspects of the entertainment sector, such as intellectual property, development, production, and marketing, are expected to be included in East Studios LLC.

The New Orleans East is making a comeback, bam!” said Mayor Latoya Cantrell on Twitter. “New Orleans’ own Anthony Mackie is opening a HUGE 20-acre film studio! This is INCREDIBLE!! The influx of productions will not only bring economic growth but job opportunities!”

Disney, Netflix, AMC, and OWN Network have invested a total of approximately $291 million in Louisiana, including $104 million in wages. As per CNN, this has been a long-term upward trend.

Along with the Mayor, Councilman Oliver Thomas is thrilled about Mackie’s new studio’s success.

“Years ago, we talked about us being Hollywood South. I think maybe we’re finally in a position to make it happen and for New Orleans East to be the foundation for that to happen,” Thomas said.

This is similar to the purchase of a military base by Hollywood magnate Tyler Perry, who founded Tyler Perry Studios in 2015.

For a long time, Louisiana has been enticing the California-based film industry south with a mild climate and hefty tax incentives, resulting in the creation of thousands of new jobs and enterprises.

“We have been on a steady upward trajectory since Louisiana adopted its incentive program in 2002,” said Chris Stelly, executive director of Louisiana Entertainment, a government agency tasked with growing the state’s entertainment business. “2013 was our biggest year.”

Small enterprises, according to Stelly, account for more than half of the state’s $1 billion film sector. “There’s plenty of opportunities for business of all sorts and sizes — small businesses in particular,” he sated.