Kacie Armstrong, Director of the Euclid Public Library, has been named 2022 Librarian of the Year by the Ohio Library Council!


DailyClevelandNews.com, Posted August 12th 2022

Kacie V. Armstrong, director of the Euclid Public Library, was called 2022 Librarian of the Year by the Ohio Library Council. The award honors curators who have actually affected their library and the neighborhoods around them.

Armstrong stated she was pleased to get this honor.

“As a school district library, the Euclid Public Library takes our objective to get in touch with our schools and serve our trainees really seriously,” stated Armstrong. “Times are difficult, inflation is increasing and the pandemic is impacting all of us. We wish to do our part to offer services that secure and assist our neighborhood.”

During the pandemic, Armstrong’s efforts led to a considerable boost in the reporting of hard-to-count areas of Euclid for the 2020 census. The library ran print projects, configured, and used computer system gain access to.

Additionally, Armstrong and her library dealt with Euclid City Schools, College Now Greater Cleveland and independent schools in the location to attend to the knowing loss due to the pandemic.

Armstrong assisted construct the Euclid Public Library as an ACT and SAT bootcamp website. She dealt with Euclid Mayor Kirsten Holzheimer Gail, along with the Police Athletic League and other companies to offer after-school activities for regional trainees.


“We began taking a look at the ACT and SAT ratings and asking what we can do to make certain these trainees are college all set,” Armstrong stated. “We’ve partnered with Now Greater Cleveland and established programs and courses to assist get ready for ACT and SAT courses that provide trainees a much better possibility of success.”

The library has actually likewise partnered with the Greater Cleveland Food Bank to offer lunches for kids in their college programs.

Armstrong stated the library is constantly attempting to connect to the neighborhood and other libraries.

“We work a lot with the neighborhood which’s something I discover so essential as a director,” stated Armstrong. “Not just do we deal with our school district and our city, however we likewise do a great deal of work to guarantee our regional organizations flourish.”

Armstrong has actually promoted hiring curators from African American and other minority neighborhoods. “It is important that when thinking about the products and programs we provide, we take adequate time to consider our minority representation,” Armstrong stated. “We’re constantly speaking about how to host and hire