Nichelle Nichols’ Ashes Get’s Celestial Send Off Into Outer Space!, By Shanelle Genai, Posted September 21st 2022

The veteran actress passed away at the age of 89 on July 31st.

While the world was saddened at the news of beloved TV icon and veteran actress Nichelle Nichols’ passing in July,  fans will soon be able to honor her memory in a celestial send off fit for a queen (or should I say, lieutenant?).

Per a press release sent to The Root, her ashes will be included aboard the upcoming Celestis’ Historic Deep Space Mission. Accompanying her on ULA’s rocket (named Vulcan) will be Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, his wife and “First Lady of Star Trek” Majel Barrett Roddenberry, beloved Star Trek actor James “Scotty” Doohan, and VFX maestro and Hollywood icon Douglas Trumbull, and others—making for a historic Star Trek Reunion flight.

Additionally, fans from all over the world will be able to participate in this mission in various ways. They can celebrate Nichols and her life as well as take part in this mission with her by sending their name and tributes to her on the Celestis web site. This will serve as the worldwide public memorial page for the late actress. Those who choose to participate will have their names and messages digitized and launched with her on her journey. They can also send in drawings, writings, music scores, photos, scripts, and poems (in the form of what is known as a Celestis MindFile).

As previously reported by The Root, the legendary actress, known as Lt. Uhura in Star Trek: The Original Series, died July 31st at the age of 89. May she continue to rest in peace. For more information on how to take part in honoring Nichols, visit