Sherri Shepherd Shares The Advice Oprah Gave Her As For Her Daytime Talk Show!, By India Monee, Posted October 10th 2022

Sherri Shepherd says that Oprah gave her great advice for the start of her new daytime talk show.  The “Oracle” as Sheperd called Oprah gave her plenty of gems to take with her.

“The advice that she gave me to do a talk show, I took 15 pages of notes until my fingers cramped up. I took a potassium pill because my fingers were cramped and I couldn’t write anymore. I said, hold on, I have to commit this to memory, because nobody will believe that I’m talking to and laughing with Oprah,” Shepherd told EW

“One thing I took from Oprah is, she said, ‘Sherri, the show is not about the ratings, it’s about the energy. You put out the energy, and it will come back in direct proportion to you from the audience. It’s your responsibility. You’re in charge of the energy that is on your show.’ I felt that, because I was like, damn, I just wanted to show some viral videos and make people laugh. But it’s true, it’s the energy you give off, which is why we love Oprah,” Sheperd recalled.

The advice is so golden that the new daytime host says she took so many notes.

“I’m literally going to frame the 15 pages of notes,” Shepherd said. “I’m not even throwing them away. Those will be in my memoirs, my biopic, the notes will be on the wall. If I could’ve recorded Oprah, I would’ve, because I said that nobody is going to believe this.”

TMZ also asked her if Wendy Williams reached out to give her advice about taking over her time slot which she ignored.

Sherri is can be seen on the local ABC affiliate in Cleveland WEWS Channel at 10am weekdays.

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