Lyfe Jennings Says He Knew Jeffrey Dahmer In Prison & Sang For Him!, By Zuliesuivie, Posted November 17th 2022

It’s no secret that Lyfe Jennings did time in prison, but did you know he knew Jeffrey Dahmer?

As Jeffrey Dahmer’s Netflix series circulates, ranking #1 on the Top 10 TV Shows, Lyfe Jennings recalls his encounter with Jeffrey Dahmer in prison. Jennings took to social media and said Jeffrey Dahmer asked him to sing for him.

Jennings said when he was locked up, he was a porter and as he was cleaning he would be singing. “One particular day, Jeffrey was like, ‘that’s you down there singing?’” Lyfe recalled. “He was like I like R&B, and you will never guess what song he asked me did I know, Mint Condition’s “Breakin My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes).”

Jennings says he began to sing the song, and Jeffrey Dahmer beat the song out on the door.

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