Nick Cannon Just Had His 11th Child—Here’s a Look at All His Kids & Their Baby Mamas!, By Lea Veloso-YAHOO LIFE, Posted November 21st 2022

Incoming! Nick Cannon’s kids have been making constant headlines this year (and the year before!). The Wild ‘N Out star keeps on making babies with his baby mamas and no one is stopping him.

So, why does he have so many children? In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he candidly explained why he’s “blessed” with making his babies. “Think about it, you can’t be like, ‘No I’m done.’ Like what if God says, ‘No you not,’”I come from a big family, I have several siblings, being raised in an unorthodox family by my grandparents at times, I’ve experienced such a wide range of upbringing that I have such a love and passion for kids and family. I want a big family too,” he said. “The Lord has blessed me with what I asked, but ask and you shall receive.”

Though he has ten kids and currently awaiting the birth of two with Abby de la Rosa and Alyssa Scott as of October 2022, Nick is super supportive of his kids and their mothers. “They get my full attention when I’m not working,” he told the outlet. “And that’s the beauty of it because it kind of keeps me out of trouble. It’s either work or playing with my kids.”

Here’s a breakdown of all of Nick Cannon’s kids and their baby mamas.

Who are Nick Cannon’s kids?

Who are Nick Cannon’s kids? Read on for a list of all of his children.

Monroe and Moroccan Scott

Birthday: April 30, 2011

Mom: Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon’s first set of kids were a pair of twins with ex-wife Mariah Carey. Monroe and Moroccan Scott were born on April 30, 2011 on their third wedding anniversary. “My wife just gave me the most incredible anniversary gift ever in life,” Nick tweeted at the time. “I won’t ever be able to top this!” Monroe was named after Mariah’s inspiration Marilyn Monroe, which Moroccan was named after the interior design where Nick proposed to Mariah. The couple split in 2014 and finalized their divorce in 2016 with joint custody of their children.

Golden Sagon Cannon

Birthday: February 22, 2017

Mom: Brittany Bell

Golden Sagon Cannon is Nick’s third child. He was born on February 22, 2017, to Nick’s ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell. Cannon told Power 106 hosts J Cruz and Krystal Bee that the twins were excited to have a younger sibling. “They’re super excited,” he said. “I’ve always wanted five kids. Just because my marriage was over didn’t mean I couldn’t continue my family.” He gushed about Brittany as a potential mother at the time. “I wanted it to be with someone who was solid, spiritual and had the same views,” he continued. “She’s been in my life. Our families grew up in the same projects together in San Diego. So, there’s a lot of substance there.”

Powerful Queen Cannon

Birthday: December 2020

Mom: Brittany Bell

Powerful Queen Cannon is Nick’s fourth child. She was born in December 2020, to Nick’s ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell. Brittany revealed to news to the world through Instagram “The best gift ever ♥️ we have been surprised with… A GIRL!!!!!,” she captioned the post. “👑Powerful Queen Cannon👑 came this week perfect timing for Christmas. So much more to share. All I can say is that Nick was my rock through the most intense yet empowering natural water birth. It was nothing but POWERFUL.

Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir Cannon

Birthday: June 14, 2021

Birthday: Abby de La Rosa

Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir Cannon are Nick’s second pair of twins. The duo were born on June 14, 2021. Their mother is professional DJ Abby de la Rosa. On the twins’ first birthday, the father, mother and twins celebrated at Disneyland. Abby captioned the post, praising Nick as a father. “The world can say what they want but you go ABOVE AND BEYOND for us and for that we’re forever grateful for you,” she wrote. “It’s not only my Birthing day but Yours too! We created magic @nickcannon and it shows ✨”

Zen Cannon

Birthday: August 2021

Mom: Alyssa Scott

Zen Cannon was Nick’s seventh child who was born in August 2021 to mother Alyssa Scott. Zen died in December 2021, after being diagnosed with brain cancer and a subsequent tumor.

Nick talked about how they found out the news on his daytime talk show The Nick Cannon Show. “I really wanted to take him to the doctor to get the breathing and sinus checked out,” he recalled. “So we thought it would be a routine process. And we went in just to check his sinuses, and they actually said his sinuses were pretty cool, but by the time we found out that, he had another condition. And I think it was called, if I’m not mistaken, fluid that was building up in his head, and that was the cause [of] his head starting to get big. When we found out it was more, they called it a malignant tumor in his head. Immediately, he had to have surgery. Brain surgery.” He then praised Alyssa for her hard work as a mother. “Alyssa was just the strongest woman I have ever seen,” he said during the time. “Never had an argument, never was angry. She was emotional when she needed to be but was always the best mom and continues to be the best mom possible [to her daughter from a previous relationship].”


In honor of their late son, Nick and Alyssa created Zen’s Light foundation with the goal of helping to find a cure for pediatric cancer.

Legendary Love Cannon

Birthday: July 2022

Mom: Bri Tiesi

Legendary Love Cannon is Nick Cannon’s eighth child. He was born in July 2022 and is his first child with model Bri Tiesi. Cannon confirmed he was expecting baby No. 8 on an episode of The Nick Cannon Show in January earlier that year. “Everyone knows I have a lot of children. It’s never a competition. Each one is special,” he said.

Onyx Ice Cole Cannon

Birthday: September 2022

Mom: LaNisha Cole

Onyx Ice Cole Cannon is Nick Cannon’s ninth child. The America’s Got Talent host posted on Instagram on September 15, 2022, that model LaNisha Cole gave birth to a healthy baby girl. He captioned the post, “Introducing ONYX ICE COLE CANNON… Once again Today I am in Awe of the Devine Feminine! God has given me and @MissLanishaCole the privilege of hosting an Angel here on earth. I vow to protect, provide, guide and love this child to the best of my abilities.” He continued, “Hopefully I can teach Onyx the same, to not let others shame or ridicule her with their outside opinions, because when they do they are only projecting their own harsh experiences, pain and social programming onto her unblemished beauty. As we all know I am not easily triggered and have quite tough skin and have always been an open book but not everyone in my family has that same level of strength. So I pray and ask others to please project all criticism and cynicism towards ME and not the loving and precious Mothers of my children.”

Rise Messiah Cannon

Birthday: September 2022

Mom: Brittany Bell

Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell welcomed their third child together, and tenth Rise Messiah Cannon together on September 30, 2022. This is the Wildin’ Out star’s tenth child. In a lengthy Instagram post, Cannon proudly announced the birth of his son Rise Messiah, “Probably the most difficult labor and delivery I have ever witnessed! 48 hours of excruciating pain and life risking danger to welcome 10 pounds of Love and joy named RISE MESSIAH CANNON.❤️🙏🏾”

Beautiful Day Cannon

Birthday: November 11, 2022

Mom: Abby de La Rosa

Abby de la Rosa confirmed she was expecting her third child with Nick Cannon in November 2022. 1 night with a Libra can turn into 3-4 years 😮‍💨 be careful,” to which she replied, “😂 damn! lol 1 night turned into 4 years and 3 kids real quick…I see no lies here smh. y’all be safe out there 😂,” she wrote on her Instagram Story at the time. Cannon’s birthday is October 8, which makes him a Libra. In an interview on the “Lovers and Friends” podcast in September 2022, Rosa responded to criticism over her and Cannon’s polyamorous relationship. “Being in a polyamorous relationship doesn’t mean you have low self-esteem or self-worth, she said. “I become hypersensitive when people attack me and my motherhood.”

Nick confirmed the birth of his eleventh child with Abby on his Instagram. On November 11, 2022, he posted “11/11/2022 A BEAUTIFUL DAY for “BEAUTIFUL ZEPPELIN CANNON” to arrive! Mommy @hiabbydelarosa you make it ALL look so easy and effortless but I am forever indebted to your tireless work of constant dedication, diligent effort and selfless love that you give to our children and myself. Beautiful is privileged to have such a Loving and Spiritually inclined Mother. Your resilience and strength doesn’t go unnoticed. Watching you smile through the world’s madness and my constant craziness is so impressive. Not a day goes by that I am not filled with gratitude for all your care, words of affirmation, kindness and inspiration. Thank you!! If I don’t say it enough! You are the definition of steadfast and virtuous and it is my continued duty to make you and our children feel valued and protected every single day! BEAUTIFUL ZEPPELIN aka BZC aka BIZZY B! Get ready because the world is yours! Daddy loves you!!”

Baby #12 with Alyssa Scott

Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott confirmed they were expecting their second child together in November 2022. “a BLESSING 🤍” Scott captioned an Instagram photo of the time of her naked in a bath tub as Cannon touched her baby bump.  Cannon and Scott’s first child, a son named Zen, died in 2021 from a brain tumor. He was 5 months old.

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