Amber Ruffin Explains That No One Is Actually Being Canceled, So Everybody Should Just Calm Down!, By Stephanie Holland, Posted November 15th 2022

‘Ain’t nobody being canceled except maybe Kanye. Geez. He might be the only one true canceling, cause damn,’ The Amber Ruffin Show host said.

Every time a celebrity gets in trouble and becomes persona non grata on the internet, there’s an equally loud crowd complaining about “cancel culture.” For those crying about celebrities being canceled, talk show host/comedian Amber Ruffin has a timely reality check.

“I think that sometimes people get canceled because people get bored and they’re looking for something to do,” she told People. “I think, most of the time, people get canceled because that is the consequences of their actions. And, you know, we’re saying cancel, but that’s not true.”

If we’re being honest, most of the time, people aren’t actually canceled. It’s more like they get postponed for a little while, then return when the internet moves on to the next controversial figure. After his infamous Oscar slap earlier this year, Will Smith is already promoting his next film and Chris Brown is regularly featured on multiple songs.

“Ain’t nobody being canceled except maybe Kanye. Geez,” Ruffin said. “He might be the only one true canceling, cause damn.”

The Amber Ruffin Show host even noted how someone as despicable as disgraced comedian Louis C.K. still has a career, despite the fact that he admitted to sexual misconduct. Because as always, white men seem to avoid long-lasting consequences for their transgressions. Woody Allen, Mel Gibson and Joe Rogan all still have loyal supporters.

“A lot of those people that we canceled a minute ago, they’re [on] tour and shit,” she said. “Louis C.K. is on tour, people are fine. These cancellations, these cancelings are not sticking. So I think people are experiencing consequences for their actions and then they’re moving on.”

So in case you’re still not getting it, no one is actually being canceled. Instead, they’re being held accountable for their words and actions. And frankly, not nearly enough people are actually feeling the consequences of their awful behavior. We really need to hold more public figures’ feet to the fire when they say and do stupid and offensive things.

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