Trey Songz Turns Himself In After Allegedly Punching A Woman In A NYC Bowling Alley!, By Team CASSIUS, Posted December 29th 2022

A male victim has also come forward and alleges Songz punched him in the eye!

The latest Trey Songz allegations have landed him in front of the police.

The R&B singer turned himself in to NYC police after allegedly punching two people back in October.

TMZ reports that a few weeks after the incident, he turned himself in at an NYPD police precinct, where he was booked, given a desk appearance ticket for the assault, and then released.

The R&B singer was accused of assaulting a woman in New York last month. According to TMZ, the NYPD report states that a woman says Trey Songz punched her in the face repeatedly while inside a bowling alley bathroom, and then was dragged by her hair. The victim was then taken to the hospital, and police say there were minor injuries, but they were still visible. TMZ says that the alleged victim is an employee at the business, but police still don’t know the motive behind the attack.

But now it appears that there was a second victim at the bowling alley as a man has come forward saying Songz punched him in the eye but refused medical treatment at the scene.

Mitch Schuster, the singer’s attorney, says he’s been in contact with the NYPD to remedy the situation.

“We have been proactively communicating with NY law enforcement, the DA, and all those involved,” Schuster said to TMZ in a statement. “While we will respectfully and proactively work through all the appropriate channels we are confident that Trey will be fully cleared of any wrongdoing.”

Trey Songz also had a $20 million civil rape case dismissed earlier this month after he was accused of raping a woman last February after being in a consenting relationship with her in 2016.

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