Reebok Honors Black Greek Organizations With Cool Apparel Collection!

REEBOK CEO MATTHEW H. O’TOOLE, By Angela Johnson, Posed January 23rd 2023

Just in time for Founder’s Day celebrations, Reebok dropped its brand new Yard Love Apparel Collection, a hoodie and t-shirt capsule honoring historically Black Greek organizations.

The pieces come in seven color combos used by the Divine Nine and honor the organizations for uplifting the Black community and being a source of support for college students of color since the early 20th century. Hoodies retail for $65, and tees are $25.

Yard Love is part of the company’s United Against Racism commitments to strengthen DEI efforts both within the company and externally. Reebok also pledged a minimum $25,000 donation to the United Negro College Fund.

“This collection will help shine a light on the important efforts of historically Black fraternities and sororities,” said John Moore, SVP – U.S. Commercial Sales, in a statement shared with The Root. “As a member of a Black Greek organization, we believe in the power of human achievement and are committed to justice and equality for all.”

Portia Blunt, VP of Apparel at Reebok, told The Root that the new apparel line was a labor of love for many of the company’s employees who are also Divine Nine members. “Working on Yard Love created space to champion the voices of many Reebok employees who are also members of these historic organizations,” she said. “Team members who worked on this capsule have made lifelong commitments within their respective organizations, and it’s unique to have a creative space to bring part of your culture to life to celebrate and pay homage through product.”

And it is not lost on her that those employees have a seat at the table at Reebok and are able to educate others on the historical significance of the Divine Nine.

“This capsule is a testament to having representation in the room where it matters, to champion ideas that otherwise wouldn’t be understood or moved forward. The team of employees who created Yard Love was able to shine a light on and tell their personal stories, so their peers, who may not have known about historically Black Greek organizations, can now speak to them with an authentic level of understanding,” she said.

You can show your Black Greek pride with the pieces from the Yard Love Apparel Collection, on sale now here.

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