Timberland Talks About His Weight Loss Journey After Losing 130 Pounds!

YourBlackWorld.net, By Victor Omondi, Posted March 11th 2020

In Men’s Health Magazine, Timbaland, born Timothy Mosley, is reflecting on his health-change journey and overcoming the addiction that almost sent him to the graves. In a candid interview with the magazine, the 47-year old opens up about his transformation journey and how he shed 130 pounds.

Timbaland says he embarked on a life-change journey after he had a terrible dream that made him feel like death was beckoning. “I had a dream that death was near,” Timbaland recalls. “I saw myself with a white face.”

It was at this point that the 47-year-old had a wake-up call. Together with his kids, Reign, Demetrius, and Frankie, Timbaland resolved to do something about his life before it was too late. The music producer attributes the success of his health-change journey to his kids, who encouraged him all through.

Reflecting on the highs and lows of his professional and personal life, Timbaland opens up on how hefty things were before he decided to do something about his life. “I had to get whipped because I didn’t appreciate anything,” the music producer tells the outlet.

Timbaland’s addiction to pills started back in 2011, following a root canal that led to an addiction that got out of control over time. In the years that followed, the 47-year-old went through a lot of difficulties, including money troubles and divorcing his wife. He says his addiction only made his life more miserable rather than helping him.

“It put me in a great feeling of not caring, of just being free,” he said. “I’m like traveling, doing shows, popping ’em, having fun, just being ignorant.”

The addiction neither helped him with his divorce nor his growing debt with the IRS. Only his family, particularly his kids, stuck around to help him cope with his life challenges.

“I had to downsize, get all that superstar stuff out of the way,” Timbaland told the publication. “The only things that got me through it were my kids, my girl, the help of God keeping my mind still.”

When Timbaland first stepped into the gym to embark on a weight loss journey, he was weighing 350 pounds. Things weren’t easy at the start, but with time, things got better. Now, he feels achieved with his 120-pound weight loss and says he’s not stopping any time soon.

“I don’t feel like I’m complete. I don’t want to ever feel like I’m complete, ’cause my mind would probably get idle,” he says. “God needed me to be clear so I could see what is needed, not what I want.”

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