A Letter From Sherrod Brown: Trump Not Re-opening The Affordable care Act During The Covid-19 Pandemic Is Dangerous And Inhumane!


Senator Sherrod Brown, Posted May 1st 2020

Reopening enrollment for the Affordable Care Act will:

  • Give nearly 28 million uninsured Americans the opportunity to get health care coverage and;
  • will make it easier for the 26.5 million Americans who have filed unemployment claims since last month to get covered, too.

But President Trump and his Administration still refuse to reopen enrollment, putting uninsured Americans at risk should they fall sick during this public health crisis. And Senate Republicans refuse to hold him accountable.

Trump and Republicans are supporting a lawsuit before the Supreme Court that would overturn the ACA in its entirety.

Trump and Republicans’ actions are not only dangerous — they’re inhumane.

That’s why we need to take action. Now. Please add your name today and join the 9,043 grassroots supporters who have called on the Trump Administration to reopen ACA enrollment.

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