Cleveland City Councilman Basheer Jones Takes Part In Protest Over COVID-19 Conditions at Marion Correctional Institution!


Marion is considered one of the hardest-hit coronavirus hotspots in the nation.

People upset with the treatment of prisoners at Marion Correctional Institution made their voices heard on Saturday. Among them, a Cleveland city councilman. 

With more than 2,000 infected inmates and over 175 staff members sick with coronavirus, Marion is considered one of the hardest-hit COVID-19 hotspots in the nation. 

Dozens of people protested outside the prison on Saturday afternoon, asking for better conditions for the inmates. Cleveland City Councilman Basheer Jones was among those on hand to express their frustrations. Jones called the protest ‘one of the most emotional days of my life’ as he posted pictures and videos on Twitter. 

Governor Mike DeWine has called in the Ohio National Guard to help with the situation. 

Last month, Christopher Mabe, who heads the state’s civil service workers union that includes prison guards, told 3News investigator Rachel Polansky not enough testing is being done, and not enough personal protection equipment is available to corrections officers.

“People are actually terrified of taking this thing back home to their families…working 16 hours a day everyday,” Mabe said. “They’re beat down they’re wore down.”

Mabe also said too many workers are being rushed back to work after contracting the virus. 

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