Dr. Amy Acton Leaves State Employment!


Patch.com, By Chris Mosby, Posted August 10th 2020

The former leader of the Ohio Department of Health has been advising Gov. Mike DeWine!

Dr. Amy Acton will no longer serve as an advisor to Gov. Mike DeWine and will leave state employment completely.

“Not all heroes wear capes, but one wears a white cape with the name “Dr. Amy Acton” on it,” DeWine said last Tuesday.

Acton will return to her role with the Columbus Foundation, the governor said during a news conference. He said he would maintain a relationship with Acton.

“While it saddens me that she will be leaving my office, she has assured me that she is just a phone call away and will be available to continuing advising us as we move through this pandemic,” DeWine said.

After rising to statewide fame as the leader of the Ohio Department of Health during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Acton resigned her post in mid-June. She was the frequent target of protesters and Republican lawmakers, who accused her of overstepping her power and office.

An Ohio lawmaker’s wife compared Acton’s health orders to Nazi Germany. Protesters also camped outside Acton’s home and displayed anti-Semitic signs addressing her during protests.

“I feel a deep honor serving alongside this governor,” Acton said when she resigned in June. She further said it had been an honor to lead Ohio through the COVID-19 crisis. “A pandemic disrupts us. It’s a little virus that we can’t see, but in some ways it has been bigger than all of us. It has woken us up. It has created new opportunities,” Acton said.

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