Five Reasons Why the Novel Coronavirus Hasn’t Been as Deadly in Africa As It is Elsewhere!, By Victor Omondi, Posted October 27th 2020

Because of the lack of robust health systems across most African countries, global health organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) were worried that Covid-19 would devastate the continent.

Surprisingly, though, African countries have reported lower than projected cases, having only recently hit the 1.5 million mark since the first case was reported in Egypt on February 14, 2020. 

Although some people argue that Africa has reported lower Coronavirus infections because of limited testing, the lower number of critical cases and deaths tell a different story.

There is, clearly, more than meets the eye.

Why has Africa performed comparatively well in the management of the Coronavirus? Can the African countries take credit for the lower Covid-19 numbers and deaths, or could it be mere happenstance?

Well, here are 5 Reasons why Covid-19 hasn’t been as deadly in Africa as it is in other places.

Prompt Action

Because of the widespread panic in the wake of Covid-19, most African countries took drastic measures to keep the virus outside their borders. If the virus penetrated and entered their territories, additional measures were put to stifle its spread. Many African countries made it mandatory to wear face masks in public places. Citizens were also advised to regularly wash their hands, keep social distance, and avoid shaking hands. And, interestingly, the response was very positive, resulting in a controlled spread of the virus.

Public Support

After seeing how Covid-19 ravaged European countries like Italy, Spain, and the UK, most Africans readily embraced Coronavirus regulations. A research conducted by PERC in 18 African countries found out that up to 85% of respondents had won a mask the previous week. “With strict public health and social measures implemented, African Union member states were able to contain the virus between March and May,” the report said.

Younger Population

Scientific reports have made it clear that younger people are at a lower risk of advancing to the critical stage after contracting the deadly Coronavirus. The higher number of young people in Africa and a significantly lower number of older people have been attributed to the continent’s lower Covid-19 fatalities.

Climatic Condition

According to a study by researchers at the University of Maryland, United States, the Covid-19 spread rate correlates with climatic conditions. “We looked at the early spread [of the virus] in 50 cities around the world. The virus had an easier time spreading in lower temperatures and humidity,” said Mohammad Sajadi, the lead researcher. Although it spreads in all climatic conditions, the researchers concluded that Covid-19 spreads faster in lower temperatures and humidity. Africa is typical of higher temperatures and humidity, and these are believed to have played a role in the lower Covid-19 cases in the continent.

Effective Community Health Systems

Covid-19 came when many African countries were just at the final stages of their fight against the deadly Ebola virus. Most of the West African countries, for example, were on a high alert to curb Ebola’s spread, already implementing extensive screening, testing, and quarantine measures. As soon as Covid-19 started spreading, these African countries reactivated their protective measures. Such moves are believed to have played a significant role in lowering the spread of Coronavirus.

It’s still not clear how things will play out in the near future. However, as things stand now, Africa appears to have escaped the kind of catastrophe that was prophesied on her.

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