Statewide Curfew Lifted In Ohio As Coronavirus Cases Drop!, By Chris Mosby, Posted February 16th 2021

Gov. Mike DeWine removed a statewide curfew on Thursday!,

Ohio’s statewide curfew has been lifted, Gov. Mike DeWine announced Thursday.

The state’s curfew — designed to curb late night gatherings and the spread of COVID-19 — was implemented in November 2020. The curfew was originally in place from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

In January 2021, as new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations began to fall, DeWine shortened the curfew, from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.. He also outlined what it would take to remove the curfew altogether: seven straight days with fewer than 2,500 COVID-19 patients in Ohio hospitals.

On Thursday, Ohio registered more than seven straight days with fewer than 2,500 COVID-19 patients in hospitals. Thus, DeWine removed the curfew.

The governor said vaccination within nursing homes has greatly reduced the number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations within the state.

“We really tamped the fire down in nursing homes and those are people who usually wind up in hospitals,” DeWine said. “Probably half of our hospitalizations came out of nursing homes.”

A second curfew could be implemented in Ohio if cases or hospitalizations rise again, DeWine said. The governor said he was particularly concerned about the spread of COVID-19 variants.

“We’ll have to see what happens with that,” DeWine said. Ohioans should continue to wear masks when out of their homes, refrain from social gatherings and wash their hands frequently, the governor said.

Thursday’s COVID Numbers

  • New cases: 2,806.
  • New deaths: 721.*
  • New hospitalizations: 189.
  • New ICU admissions: 19.

*Ohio’s COVID-19 deaths will be inflated for several days as the state health department adds underreported deaths to the total count.

Nearly 10 percent of Ohioans have received at least the first part of the COVID-19 vaccine, according to the state health department. As of Wednesday afternoon, 1.16 million Ohioans had received at least the first shot and 374,380 Ohioans have completed the vaccination process.

Approximately 50 percent of Ohio’s school teachers have been received the first part of the COVID-19 vaccine, DeWine said.

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