Scarface Receives Kidney Donation From His Son, Warns Fans Of Dangers Of COVID-19!, By Victor Omondi Posted October 12th 2021

 Scarface, real name Brad Jordan, revealed that he was infected with COVID-19 but only had minor symptoms. Instead, the “Geto Boy” rapper had pneumonia and kidney failure, necessitating dialysis and the need for a new kidney.

Scarface looked for a kidney donor but was fortunate enough to find one in his own family. Chris, his son, was a perfect match and donated his kidney to his father.

J Prince, the founder of Rap-A-Lot Records, was the one who broke the news.

He shared a snapshot of the rapper in the hospital, holding the hand of his son.

“Congrats to my brother @brothermob & his son @_iamchrisjordan for giving his father one of his kidneys,” Prince stated. “I celebrate with the both of you for being an example of unending love. Chris, a lot of people talk about how much they love your dad, but you have separated yourself from the talkers by your actions. We all salute the both of you and wish you both a speedy recovery ❤️‍.”

No one wants to go under the knife, so it’s a huge sacrifice. Chris, on the other hand, was willing to make the sacrifice in order to see his father enjoy a long and healthy life. He posted a message on Instagram the day before the surgery.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy!!” he remarked. “Tomorrow We having surgery!!!!”

He noted that they’re both doing well after the successful surgery. He also changed his profile to reflect his status as a #LivingDonor.

Scarface stated last year in an interview with fellow Geto Boys member Willie D that his struggle with COVID-10 was so serious, “I’ve been to the point where I just felt like I was just gonna die.” As he recovers, maybe people will pay attention to the message he had to deliver back then.

“Don’t play no games with it,” he stated. “I haven’t been nowhere. I’ve been in my house. I ain’t been on no planes, I ain’t been in no restaurants… People out there thinking this sh-t is a game? You don’t want to play with this.”

Scarface, who ran for Houston City Council last year, revealed that he would like to do a Geto Boys podcast as well as a grand finale tour.

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