Stephanie Mills Reveals Why She Should Have Married Michael Jackson When She Was Younger!, By Victor Omondi, Posted November 18th 2021

Years before exploding as a worldwide conqueror of popular culture, Michael Jackson dated iconic R&B singer Stephanie Mills in the late 1970s.

Now, more than a decade after MJ’s 2009 passing away, Mills says she let “the one” get away when she says she’d the rare chance to marry Jackson.

Mills, 64, mentioned it in a nostalgic reflection of the time the two of them spent together, sharing this with her half-million Instagram followers.

Mills shared a picture of herself and Michael on social media. The photo is one of many of the two of them together. She added the following caption to the photo: “Michael and I should’ve married a long time ago. I would have shielded the lovely one.”

Mills rose to national prominence when she portrayed Dorothy in the award-winning Broadway production “The Wiz” from 1974 to 1979, the same time Jackson was playing Scarecrow in the Motown film adaptation of The Wiz.


In one interview, she described herself as his “little chocolate drop.”

According to her recent announcements collated by The Detail, Mills frequently stayed overnight at Jackson’s temporary residence in New York, washing his clothes and cooking for him. Jackson also paid frequent visits to her Broadway production and even took her to the set of The Wiz, in which he featured alongside Diana Ross.

In August 2021, Mills also shared an old photo of Michael before his 29th birthday.

She, however, didn’t reveal why the two fell out after Jackson became friends with Quincy Jones on the set of The Wiz and worked on the culture-shifting albums Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad in the 1980s.

In a video, Mills reveals how she and Jackson were inseparable before he became an intergalactic megastar.

According to insiders, Mills had a crush on the late pop icon in the 1980s, but the two were never romantically linked.

Even though Mills never got to first base with Michael, she married Shalamar and Soul Train singer/dancer Jeffrey Daniel. Daniel is credited for teaching MJ the Moonwalk.

Mills and Daniel, who were married for three years, divorced in 1983.

Mills married Dino Meminger (1989–1991) and later married Michael Saunders (1993–2001).