Ludacris’ Show About Black Girlhood Hits Netflix For Its Second Season!, By Alexandria Jane, Posted March31st 2022

It may come as a surprise to many fans that Atlanta rapper Ludacris has been invested in a different kind of studio as of late. While DTP might be all but forgotten, the extension of his legacy now includes an animated show for and about young Black girls coming of age.

“Karma’s World”, inspired by Ludacris’ own 20-year-old daughter of the same name debuted on the Netflix streaming platform in September of 2021 to high viewership and rave reviews. The show follows the life of Karma, voiced by Asiahn Bryant, a middle school aged, gifted lyricist. Karma and her friends tackle life’s problems. Providing more than just entertainment value, the crew also serve as much needed on screen representation for the show’s diverse range of fans.

“I feel like we need shows like this now more than ever, and the reinforcement is in the music as well.” Ludacris tells NBC reporters. The ‘Act a Fool’ rapper is the show’s executive producer, and lends his voice to the character of Conrad, Karma’s father.

Besides his real life daughter Karma, Luda has 3 other girls, with the youngest being just 7 months old. With “Karma’s World”, the EP is hoping to create a series that his own children would enjoy.

“For my own daughter, I would love for them to see a show like the one I’ve created, where they can see their hair represented and the texture represented, and hear about real life situations that they’re going through…and just constantly reminding kids that the sky’s the limit – and they can go after their dreams, and they can make change, no matter how young they are, starting in their own neighborhood,” he continued.

In “Karma’s World”, young Karma involves herself in school elections, stands up to bullies, and experiments with music. Her multipassionate personality has inspired not only her fans, but a full line of merchandise as well. She now has a doll in her likeness crafted by Mattel. Additionally, the fictional phenom has released an album with songs that include “Open Your Heart” and “Reach The Top”, tracks that promote empowering young women and self-confidence.

“As long as you love your kids and you teach them that everybody has different body types and body sizes,” Ludacris says, “that’s what’s most important – is for children to love themselves – and then for them to make the choices that they want to make.”21`

Season 2 of “Karma’s World” is now available for after school (and homework) binges on Netflix now.