Mary J. Blige Says She Had To Go On Tour To Pay Alimony To Her Ex-husband!, By Ryan Steal, Posted June 6th 2022

Mary J. Blige has had a busy year so far. She  performed at the NBA All-Star Saturday Night stage, just days after performing at the Super Bowl stage, and she has a new album. The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul paid a visit to the Breakfast Club to discuss about the album, particularly the hit “Rent Money.”

When speaking with Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy, MJB revealed that “Rent Money” is truly about paying overhead while facing alimony that she was ordered to pay her ex-husband.


“I wrote that song with the writers during that time,” Blige disclosed. “I had to pay all this alimony, and I had no money to pay it. I had to go on tour to pay it. I had to go on tour to pay the alimony. I had to go on tour to pay the rent because he had spent all the money. By the time I got to the deposition and saw everything he did, I didn’t have a dollar left. He spent everything. He knew he spent everything and was asking me for more.”

Blige detailed the motivation behind the Rent Money song, which includes rapper and songwriter Dave East, in a separate interview with iHeart Radio anchor Angie Martinez.

“I didn’t have no money to pay my rent and all this other stuff. But it’s also a metaphor like, I didn’t have my soul. I was just drained of everything. So it was time for somebody to pay; sometimes you just feel like somebody gotta pay.”

In the song, Blige sings, “Look now my rent money due / I spent everything f—‘with you, oh / They say you win some, you win some you lose / All I got is rent money due / f—‘ with you.”

Between 2016, when she originally filed for divorce, and 2018, when they settled, Blige was paying her ex-husband Martin “Kendu” Isaacs $30,000 per month in temporary spousal support, according to theGrio. In March of 2018, the former couple reached an out-of-court settlement, averting a potentially lengthy trial.