Martin Lawrence Confirms Will Smith To Return For ‘Bad Boys 4’: “We Got One More At Least!”, By Keenan “HIGz” Higgins, Postesd August 23rd 2022

All the conversation still surrounding Will Smith and “The Slap” seen around the world was enough to not only send Big Willie into hibernation but also have many actually questioning the future of his illustrious career thus far.

One project that many feared would be put on hold indefinitely is a fourth film in the longstanding buddy cop franchise, Bad Boys, that he shares with fellow Black Hollywood legend Martin Lawrence.


Thankfully, Marty Mar spoke up recently to not only confirm that Bad Boys 4 is still on the way, but also that he definitely won’t de doing it alone.

Appearing on the latest cover of Ebony Magazine, Lawrence confirmed that a fourth installment in the Bad Boys series is still in development, telling the outlet, “We got one more at least.” This comes after speculation that production on the film was put on hold due to Smith slapping Chris Rock onstage at the 2022 Oscars ceremony shortly before accepting the highly-coveted “Best Actor” award for his leading role in King Richard. Many ridiculed the seasoned thespian for showing a lack of self control, in addition to what some categorized as “a cultural step back” for a Black man to attack another Black man in front of a predominately white industry audience.

The pushback caused Smith to retreat from social media and the public eye back in late March, with upcoming starring roles in Apple’s Emancipation, Netflix’s Fast and Loose and originally Bad Boys 4 for Sony all rumored to have been delayed as a result.

While no word yet on when production on Bad Boys 4 will commence, it’s still promising to hear one half of the film’s starring duo deliver us some good news. Fingers crossed that Will confirms for himself next!