Comedian Tommy Davidson Adds Musician To His Resume!

DON’T GIVE UP YOUR DAY JOB TOMMY!!!!, By Kathia Woods-Tribune Correspondent, Posted August 25th 2022

Philadelphia is having a fantastic comedy summer. Tommy Davidson performed at Earthquake’s Father Day Show at the Academy of Music. The multifaceted performer who rose to prominence on the sketch comedy show “In Living Color” will providds some much-needed laughter.

He has made audiences laugh in films like “Strictly Business” and “Booty Call,” but it’s his many impressions that have brought so much joy over the years.

“One thing I have gratitude for is that I had a very good career in the beginning,” is how Davidson looks back on the earlier part of his career.

He can currently be heard as Oscar Proud in “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder,” which is available on Disney+.

As if that weren’t enough, Davidson is also sharing his other talent, music, with his lifelong fans. He has a song out with saxophonist Dave Koz that is currently available on all platforms called “Sweet Reunion.”

Earthquake’s Father Day Comedy Show was his first appearance in the city of brotherly love in a long time, and what better way to celebrate Father’s Day than front and center at The Academy of Music.

The Multi-talented performer shared his thoughts on his prestigious career and his up-and-coming projects. He began by sharing his latest endeavor “I formed my own company, so I am now starting to develop my own films and television show,” he shared.

He added “Right now, I am engaged in the music industry. I just had my first single in January and the second one is going to come this summer.” The name of that single is “I Know” with jazz saxophonist Richard Elliot which he executive produced.

The lifelong comedian shared what inspired him to take this new course in his career.


“It kind of worked out as far as timing. Once I wrote the book, it opened a lot in me. I had Take 6 in the background, so it was the book that opened new lanes for me” Davidson said.

The book he is referring to is his autobiography “Living in Color: What’s Funny About Me.”

Davidson, a superb impressionist, talked about his role as Oscar Proud on “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder.”

“The Proud family is back, Louder and Prouder and we have been picked up for another season,” he stated.

There are few performers who have been able to adapt to the new era of comedy as well as Davidson has. The internet and political correctness hadn’t even been invented when he began his professional career. He shared how he approaches humor in the current context.

“It’s hard to get things done as a stand-up comedian because the platforms are shorter. You can be on YouTube for a second, you can be on Tiktok for a second. Usually, to do a good special it has to be an hour, so the playing field has changed. Stand up comedy is still an art form that you must work hard at to really accomplish it,” he said.

In his career as an artist, one of Davidson’s skills is his ability to accurately impersonate luminaries like Sammy Davis Jr.

He explained what it takes to embody a new persona in this case President Obama “I heard Obama talk when he first came into office. It was a matter of nine days before I was able to do it. All I did was listen to him closely and in a flash, I could talk like him.”

In today’s world of humor, it’s difficult to know how an audience will interpret humor. He stated “I am really good at densifying ideas. I also approach my comedy from proven truths.”

It’s this love affair with his fans and the community that has allowed the entertainer to sustain a thirty-year career. Tommy Davidson explained it best “Now I have generations of fans coming to see me. It’s about positivity and love.”