Al B. Sure Details Health Scare That Led To 2-Month Coma!, By Stephanie Holland, Posted January 26th 2023

“They considered sending me to hospice,” the singer said. He also explained how he’s dealing with the multiple medical issues that led to his months-long coma.

Singer/producer Al B. Sure has plenty to be thankful for this past  holiday season. The “Nite and Day” artist is recovering from multiple life-threatening medical emergencies that left him in a coma for two months. Now he’s revealing how close he really came to death in an interview with Fox 5 New York.

“What people don’t truly understand—unless you’ve been through this type of medical journey—is taking for granted breathing, tying your shoes, speaking,” he said.

In a lengthy Instagram post where Al details what happened on that fateful day in July, he describes collapsing while working on new music, calling a friend for help, heading to the hospital and then waking up in October.

“This is July 2022 and then it was October,” he told Fox 5. “I was intubated. I was on a ventilator. Had a tracheotomy. There were so many things going on, to the point where they were considering sending me to hospice.”

Al B. Sure! talks about his 2 month coma

Al revealed that he had multiple surgeries, including repairing a hernia, hematoma, and a liver transplant.

“I have what’s called a Chevron. That’s when they cut your chest open,” he said. “I’m the recipient of an amazing blessed new liver.”

He also thanked everyone who supported him during his illness, discussing how he received well wishes and prayers from the likes of Snoop Dogg, Halle Berry and Vice President Kamala Harris. Though he didn’t reveal what she wrote to him, it’s not hard to imagine that the vice president was probably a big fan in the late ‘80s and had “Nite and Day” and “Off on Your Own (Girl)“ on a regular rotation on her Walkman.

With his new appreciation for what really matters, Al B. Sure is working on new music and a memoir, tentatively titled From Mt. Vernon to the Moon and Back.

If you take away nothing else from Al’s situation, it’s that we as a community need to be better about monitoring our health. Black people have a tendency to wait to get proper medical care until an emergency happens and by then, it may be too late. We all need to take preventive care more seriously.

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