Boy, Bye: Wendy Williams’ Ex Kevin Hunter Gets Denied Requests for Alimony Repayments By Judge!, By Shanelle Genai, Posted February 22nd 2023

2023 may be getting off to a rough start for Wendy Williams’ ex-husband Kevin Hunter, as it’s been revealed his request for alimony repayments were denied by a judge on Tuesday.

According to The Sun, Hunter had previously sent forth the request after Williams’ stopped paying due to the fiscal troubles she’d been embroiled on over the last year with Wells Fargo and her financial guardianship. And now, it looks like she won’t have to resume payments due to a judge ruling that it’s “not emergent” and subsequently dismissed Hunter’s application “without prejudice.” She also won’t be responsible for paying Hunter’s attorney’s fees either.

As previously reported by The Root, Hunter had been depending on those alimony checks to help pay his bills and provide a roof over his head. Per the divorce settlement, the checks would continue to come so long as Williams was employed. But after The Wendy Williams Show was canceled, those alimony payments contractually did not have to be paid out.

This wouldn’t be the first time Hunter has tried to get what he feels he’s owed. During an interview back in December 2022, he tried to take the credit for the success of his ex-wife’s former show, telling The Westside Gazette:

“It’s clear to say that after I left, the show tumbled hard. My intellectual property of the creation of The Wendy Williams Show and how it had to come across was key. They would not have experienced the success they had without me. Once I was gone, the people around her had her looking crazy sitting on that screen.”

He continued, “When I was around Wendy’s day ended when she left that building but mine didn’t. There was always something that needed to be done or a call that needed to be took. I was the common denominator in every department, including decor, wardrobe and guest.”

Well maybe he can be the common denominator at his next place of employment so he can fund his own lifestyle instead of depending on check’s from his ex-wife.

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