Erykah Badu Reveals The Secret Behind Her ‘Mystical Powers’ In The Bedroom!, By Stephanie Holland, Posted February 28th 2023

The singer/actress tells the world why men can’t help falling in love with her.

Erykah Badu is an artist who’s always surrounded by a mysterious spiritual energy. She exudes a feeling that she’s operating on a different plane of existence from the rest of us. During a recent appearance on The Tamron Hall Show, the host played a video that the “On & On” singer did for Vogue, where she took viewers on a tour of her bedroom/studio, which is known as the “Badudio.” This led Hall to ask the singer/actress about the mystical powers that causes men to instantly fall in love with her.

“So that’s a studio-slash-bedroom, and I thought, ‘Of all the rooms that she would take us in’—a lot has been said about your bedroom, the mystical powers,” Hall said. “You are keenly aware of the urban legend that men can’t look you in the eye without falling in love.”

After the two women shared a laugh about the subject, Badu revealed that it’s actually all living things that become enamored with her.

“Women too,” she said. “And children and animals. Any living, breathing thing.”

Erykah Badu’s Indescribable Power to Make People Instantly Fall in Love

She also confirmed something that women have known for years: that the true power and strength of women comes from our minds, not our vaginas.

“I think it’s indescribable,” Badu said. “In the bedroom, that’s not where you’re gonna find it, because my magic doesn’t lie between my thighs, it lies between my ears.”

Lest you think this is just the Badu One hyping herself up, in 2014, her former boyfriend Common told the Combat Jack Show that the urban legend isn’t just a myth.

“Yeah, the ‘Badu Box’ is real,” Common said, per Complex. “It can take you to another universe. But seriously, that’s when you meet somebody that’s real special and you’re like, ‘Man, this woman got…she got something else, man.’ It ain’t just the sex. It ain’t just the looks. It’s like something that’s kind of like spirit-wise, where you’re like, ‘This woman got something else.’”

The true magic of Erykah Badu is that she’s someone who has always known exactly who she is, and doesn’t apologize for being comfortable in her own skin. She’s not trying to fit in some industry box, she’s just being what the spirits guide her to be. I will always love that about her.

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