Lenny Kravitz Is The Most Charming Ex Ever In Shotgun Wedding!

TheRoot.com, By Stephanie Holland, Posted March 1st 2023

The rom-com starring Jennifer Lopez on Prime Video.

Weddings are never easy. Underneath all the flowers, cake and fancy clothes is a barely contained madness that borders on chaos. Add in the extra element of taking the show on the road for a destination wedding and things can go completely off the rails. The usual wedding craziness is ramped up a few levels in the new romantic comedy Shotgun Wedding. Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel are Darcy and Tom, a couple who must put all their concerns and cold feet on the back burner when actual pirates take their friends and family hostage. We’ve got an exclusive clip from the movie, which premieres on Prime Video Jan. 27.


Joining Lopez and Duhamel in the jam-packed cast is rock star Lenny Kravitz, who plays Darcy’s ex-fiancee, Sean. In the short video, Sean has every person in the room in the palm of his hand as he makes a quick toast to the bride and groom. Normally when exes show up on the big day, no one is happy to see them. But if your ex is Lenny Kravitz, the feelings you have are definitely not disappointment. Look, I’m sure Darcy loves Tom, but maybe take a few moments and reconsider your choices. Tom seems great and all, but seriously, it’s Lenny Kravitz.

While on the red carpet for the film’s premiere, the “Fly Away” artist said that shooting the film in the Dominican Republic brought the cast closer together. “We became a family,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

Kravitz is the type of free-spirit artist who goes where his heart takes him. Personally, I think his next stop should be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s tailor made to portray a mysterious alien or god who holds all the secrets to the multiverse. He could be one of those characters who periodically pops up to make surprise appearances in various films and TV series. He already feels like this otherworldly presence from another dimension, so why not play one on-screen?

SHOTGUN WEDDING is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

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