Charles Barkley & Gayle King To Host ‘King Charles’ News Show On CNN!, By Team CASSIUS, Posted June 2nd 2023

f you didn’t get enough Charles Barkley hot takes on TNT’s Inside the NBA, he’s got another network pining for his thoughts.

The NBA Hall of Famer is set to be the host of a new CNN show alongside Gayle King, aptly titled King Charles. The weekly primetime show will be airing Wednesdays, beginning in the fall, and initially run through 2024.

The co-hosts appeared on Barkley’s TNT NBA Tip-Off Saturday to discuss the live show’s details, including Barkley saying he doesn’t want the program to lean in either political direction.

“I want the show to be nonpolitical. You know (Gayle King) is going to be a straight shooter. I’m going to be a straight shooter,” he added. “I know she’s going to be fair and honest and you know I’m going to do the same thing.”

While politics won’t be a major topic, larger issues like gun control and more lifestyle topics like food and pop culture will be more prevalent, framed as “culturally relevant programming and unique perspectives.”

Disagreeing topics on news shows often leads to heated debates, but King says the show will offer a more respectful war of words.

“I think that decorum and courtesy and kindness always work,” she said. “But everybody I know has an opinion on something. We just need to figure out a way to have a good conversation without tearing each other down. And I think we can do that.”

Both hosts will hold their respective jobs at CBS Mornings and TNT and both agree that they weren’t looking for another gig but they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to link up.

Twitter isn’t sure how King and Barkley’s personalities will mesh or how the show will turn out. See some reactions below.

KING CHARLES is expected to premier in 2024.

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