Dodged That Bullet! Claudia Jordan Glad She Didn’t Date Brian McKnight During ‘Celebrity Apprentice!’, By Keenan “HIGz” Higgins, Posted June 8th 2023

As she’s done time and time again, Beyoncé dropped a hit back in 2011 when she belted about “dodging the bullet” of a past love that would’ve ultimately been a bad look, or as the song’s title better put it, the “Best Thing I Never Had.”The message behind King Bey’s chart-topping single proves to keep ringing true for many, including longtime media personality and Cocktails with Queens co-host Claudia Jordan when it comes to the subject of her former Celebrity Apprentice co-star, R&B vet Brian McKnight.


 As you might’ve peeped over on the latest episode of The Undressing Room Podcast, Claudia Jordan joined host Lore’l to discuss a bunch of different topics both new and of the past. When it came to the latter, Jordan tied a little bit of the past with the present by bringing up the unwanted flirtation she received from the “Back At One” crooner. “You know what Brian? When you tried to holla at me when we did Celebrity Apprentice — I’m so glad I didn’t date you,” she boldly confirmed to Lore’l, further adding, “He wanted me to fill out 50 questions.” Her response? “No, I’m not doing that!” Knowing what we know now about McKnight’s very viral family abandonment issues, can you blame her?

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