Issa Rae Talks The Importance Of Authenticity As A CEO In The May Issue Of ‘Black Enterprise’!, By Samjah Iman, Posted June 26th 2023

Behind every good boss is a great team.

Issa Rae and her Hoorae Media Executive team cover the digital May Issue of Black Enterprise. In the issue, Rae discusses shedding traditional CEO standards and why being true to herself helps her as a boss.

Behind every good boss is a great team. The multi-talented Issa Rae has blossomed into more than just a comedic actress. Along with co-creating, co-writing, and starring in the hit HBO series Insecure, the maven heads her own media company, quickly making an impressionable mark in the industry. Hoorae Media is a multi-pronged media company co-founded by Issa Rae, leading the entertainment, digital, music, and cultural spaces. Under its umbrella are ColorCreative and Raedio. Rae got real in the latest digital issue of Black Enterprise about her CEO practices and unveiled who her dynamic team consists of.

Issa Rae Keeps It Real As A CEO

Rae understands the importance of doing things her way. When it comes to being a CEO, the artist feels that the “one size fits all” is null and void. “There are traditional ways, there are ways that sometimes feel archaic, of running businesses. Even in thinking about what a CEO is, there’s a specific image in my mind of what those people look like, what their interests are. And it doesn’t necessarily always reflect us,” she says.

As evident in her media projects, Rae is known for keeping it real. Her raw emotions and real experiences made for excellent television, and she operates her business in that same space of truth. “I don’t think I could do my job if I’m not authentic to myself. Even in creating businesses, I’m always thinking about what the most real version of me needs and wants to say. And that’s how I operate,” she says.

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