‘It’s A Movie About a Doll!’: Whoopi Goldberg Calls Out Conservative Critics Over Barbie Movie!

TheRoot.com, By Shanelle Genai, Posted August 9th 2023

The nearly $200M box office smash hit film is being accused of being ‘woke’ by some right-wing conservatives.

Whoopi Goldberg is coming to the defense of the recently released Barbie movie after conservative critics dubbed the film as “woke” and “angry feminist claptrap.”

During Tuesday morning’s episode of The View, Goldberg called out the ridiculousness of those critics, expressing her incredulity at the outrage after showing clips of conservatives like Ted Cruz, Ben Shapiro, and others bashing the film.

“It’s a movie! It’s a movie about a doll! I thought y’all would be happy. [Barbie] has no genitalia, so there’s no sex involved. Ken has no genitalia, so he can’t be doing— it’s a doll movie!” she said. “And the kids know it’s colorful and it’s Barbie. They haven’t lived through what the adults have lived through. So when you’re looking at it how they’re looking at—the kids are looking at it as a Barbie movie. You guys, I want y’all to tell your daughters why you’re not taking them to the Barbie movie. I want you to explain to them what’s wrong with Barbie.”

“Now look, I love my Barbie,” Goldberg later added, raising her feet to showing off her white boots with a plastic heel filled with several Barbie heads. “It’s a doll movie, guys. I’m shocked that that’s what’s freaking you out these days.”

She later concluded: “It’s a movie. That’s what we do,” Goldberg said. “We make movies about all kinds of stuff. We make movies about people who fly, we make movies about dolls who talk and walk. And they hit two things: they talk about the real world that everybody lives in, and they talk about Barbie world. And they’re two different things.” “And it’s meant to make you just think or pause, it’s not meant to do anything but give you a good time. Go see the movie

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