Full Term Love! Monie Love Gets Engaged At Alumni Reunion to Rezell Simmons!

BlackAmericaWeb.com, By Deion Allen, Posted August 22nd 2023

Monie Love was having one hell of a day at an Alumni event in Macon, GA that started with sweat and ended in tears!  In the midst of her day not going so well, emotions being all over the place, and it being 105 degrees outside, nobody expected what was to come.

Monie Love was proposed to on stage by her boyfriend, now fiancee, Rezell Simmons. Monie Love took to instagram to caption such a surreal moment.

“So let me start by saying I was in a TESTY mood yesterday.” Monie wrote. “IT was like 105 degrees and I’m very meticulous on arrangements on show days — plus coordinating with my manager and team ALUMNI, pulled off a change of clothes, plus getting his FOI Brothers in place, I JUST DNT KNOW!!! What I do know is YOU DID THAT Babe and I’m forever better because of it.”

You can see in the video they were running her ragged with the confusion trying to get Simmons on stage in position to propose without her seeing. First they said it was a lost edible, then somebody lost a child, it was hilarious, then somebody started cuttin’ onions!

“Remember when you asked me about him and I said this one feels different… Told you!!” Monie Love’s good friend DJ Bill Black commented. 

“I only know you from a distance, but you allow yourself to be in a way to feel like my family. Patience for so many years, and you’ll be blessed, is what the El Shaddai within is speaking to my soul. You be forever happy and protect your union.” commented Shurīyah, A complete stranger to Monie, but a fan that now feels like family as she’s witnessed Monie Love journey.

Monie Love has been married twice before but something about this union felt different to her, her family, and friends and the proof is in the pudding. Monie Love looks happier than she’s ever been, and Rezell Simmons has the woman of his dreams!

Congratulations to the both of them!

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