Anthony Anderson To Pay $20,000 In Alimony To Ex-Wife In Light Of Recent Divorce Settlement!, Posted October 11th 2023

According to People magazine, court documents state that the “black-ish” actor must pay $20,000 in alimony, which refers to monthly financial spousal support. Additionally, the paperwork reportedly states the actor’s payments to Stewart could increase if the actor’s gross income exceeds $2 million. 

In addition to the alimony, the divorce documents outline a number of the couple’s divorce agreements. For instance, Anderson will reportedly keep the family’s property in Los Angeles, while his ex-wife will take their Houston home. The “black-ish” star will also keep possession of a 2004 Land Rover, as Stewart will have a 2022 Mazda. Other undividable items, like the couple’s burial plot in Inglewood Park Cemetery, will be sold, with the profits being split evenly between the two. 

However, this is not the couple’s first time filing for divorce. In September 2015, Stewart filed for divorce, in which she stated the couple had been separated since April 2014. At the time, the actor’s wife cited irreconcilable differences as the cause for the divorce. Fast forward to 2017, Stewart filed a dismissal for her previous divorce petition. 

Finally, in March 2022, she filed for what would be the couple’s final divorce but reported “TBD” when asked about the separation date. In this final request, Stewart asked that the actor not only pay alimony but also cover her legal fees. When Anderson responded to her request, it was the “black-ish” star who now cited irreconcilable differences. Marking Feb. 25, 2022, as their separation date, Anderson also countered Stewarts’ request regarding legal fees and asked that the alimony request be left for “future determination.” 

The couple reportedly met coincidentally during their first and second years at Howard University. 

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