Sherri Shepherd Reveals Shocking Romance From Barbara Walters’ Past!, By Stephanie Holland, Posted October 18th 2023

The talk show host reunited with former The View co-host Joy Behar, and they discussed a stunning secret about their former boss.

Barbara Walters interviewed everyone from celebrities, to presidents, to royalty. She was known for having an endless amount of fascinating stories from her life. Some of the more messy ones have been coming out lately, and we may have just gotten the wildest one of all. On Wednesday, while Joy Behar was appearing on Sherri, the former The View co-hosts started talking about Walters and revealed a shocking secret about the legendary newswoman.

It all started with Sherri Shepherd discussing how she was afraid of Barbara, while Joy had no issues confronting the show’s creator and star. Sherri explained that she told Joy about running into Paul Mooney, and the famed comedian telling her that he once walked in on Walters and Richard Pryor sleeping together.

Never-Before-Told! Sherri and Joy Behar Reminisce about Barbara Walters | Sherri Shepherd

As they recounted this decades-old alleged hookup, Behar asked, “She slept with Richard Pryor?” Sherri confirmed the story replying, “Yes that’s what Paul Mooney said.” After hearing this unbelievable tale, Joy needed to know what was up, so she straight up asked Walters about it at work the next day.

“[Joy] said something like, ‘So, you’re schlepping Richard Pryor, huh?’” Shepherd said. “She turned around and…she goes, ‘Who told you that?’ And I’m sitting there, and I just got this job, and, Joy, you do that because you’re not scared of Barbara.”

First of all, real friends would not be out here spilling Barbara’s business after she’s passed and can’t confirm or deny any of this. Everyone at The View needs to let this woman take her secrets with her. As if that wasn’t enough, they went on to talk about how Walters had an affinity for Black men, with Sherri joking, “You always used to say Barbara loved a chocolate man.” Apparently, the 20/20 pioneer had a huge crush on late Secretary of State Colin Powell.


I really hope Whoopi Goldberg is back from her mystery gig this week, because I cannot wait to hear what she has to say about the possibility of Barbara and Richard hooking up.

Obviously, there’s no way to know if this is true or not, but it seems like Barbara Walters may have been a lot wilder than her buttoned up TV persona let on.

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