You’ll Never Guess Who Accidentally Stood Sherri Shepherd Up Back In The Day!, By Shanelle Genai, Posted November 10th 2023

The eponymous daytime talk show host discussed their dating fail on Monday’s episode.

Sherri Shepherd, left; Katt Williams.Photo: Santiago Felipe; Gilbert Flores/Variety (Getty Images)

Amid overwhelming talks of celebrity breakups, divorces, and other dating woes, Sherri Shepherd is sharing a piece of her own dating history—specifically the time when she got stood up on a date by comedian Katt Williams.

The eponymous daytime talk show host divulged the personal anecdote while joined by Williams on Monday morning’s episode. There to discuss his comedy tour Dark Matter, Sherri took a moment to attempt to get clarity on a time back in their past where Katt allegedly asked her to out on a date, but never showed up.

“You called me one day and you was like, ‘I want to take you out. I’mma take you to play golf.’ I borrowed golf clubs from Kym Whitley, I got an outfit to play golf and I waited and I waited and I waited,” Sherri said, much to her audience’s displeasure. “I’m not saying you stood me up, but what had happened?”

“I would like to think that our relationship is strong enough, Sherri, that I don’t have to answer to every greievance,” Katt began before Sherri interjected: “ It wasn’t a whole bunch of grievances, it was just that one!”

That’s when the Friday After Next star explained that he actually thought she was going to meet him at the golf place and that when he arrived—she was nowhere to be found—which led him to believe he had gotten stood up as well.

“I thought I was stood up for many holes,” he said, which prompted a handful of laughs from the audience.

However, it seemed as the two realized the miscommunication error and ultimately agreed to have a redo of their golf date at some point in the near future.

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