Gov. DeWine Addresses Next Steps Following Passage Of Issue 1!



Governor Mike DeWine spoke for the first time Thursday since both state issues on the abortion amendment and marijuana passed.

He said that he accepts the results of both Issue 1 and Issue 2, according to our news partner WBNS in Columbus.

“We respect what the people have done,” he told reporters after the induction ceremony for the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame.

57% of Ohio voters approved both measures with 100% of the vote in from all precincts, the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office said.

News Center 7 previously reported Issue 1 would “Establish in the Constitution of the State of Ohio an individual right to one’s own reproductive medical treatment,” according to the ballot language.

Issue 2 legalized and regulated the recreational use of marijuana.

DeWine said Issue 1 was never about politics, but about what he thought was right, WBNS reports.

He also appeared in a television ad encouraging Ohioans to vote against Issue 1.

“Legislation passed by the General Assembly, a constitutional amendment passed by the people,” he said. “We always continue to evaluate how things are working.”

DeWine told reporters that he believes most Ohioans want to see exceptions for rape and incest in any law restricting abortion.

“What Ohioans will need to determine as they move forward and watch how this constitutional amendment plays out is how they like it,” he said.

Democrats at the Ohio State House introduced legislation Thursday following Tuesday’s election.

State representatives Anita Somani and Beth Liston introduced the Reproductive Care Act.

“There are laws called trap laws, which are targeted restrictions on abortion providers, that are just designed for administrative hoops that people that do abortion care must jump through in order to provide the necessary care for women,” said Liston.

The proposed legislation would repeal existing statutes related to abortion care and add protections related to patients and providers, according to WBNS.

“It’s all about making sure people have access to health care,” said Liston. “And I think there are so many issues in our state related to health outcomes. This is an important first step.”

DeWine was not clear to reporters Thursday if he would advocate passing or repealing any abortion-related policies, WBNS said.

“I think it would be a mistake for me to put a timetable on anything,” he said. “I just think that this will play out like every issue plays. And, you know, people will decide if they’re comfortable with what we voted on. Or they’ll decide that maybe needs to be changed or tweaked. I think that debate will bubble up.”

Issue 1 was a proposed amendment to the state constitution.

It means the legislature cannot make changes to this law as it is now part of the state constitution.

The amendment will become effective 30 days after the election on Dec. 7.

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