Ohio Republican Leaders’ Reaction To Abortion, Marijuana Vote Disgusting, Discouraging!


Yahoo.com, By Columbus Dispatch-OPINIONS-LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, Posted November 23rd 2023

Republican leaders’ reaction to lose, disgusting and discouraging

Opinion columns written by Pete Kadens, Maureen O’Connor and Yvette McGee Brown, as well as letters by Mark Abel and Mary Jo Conte, reflect passionately and precisely my emotions regarding the Republican responses to the election results.

Rather than accepting the will of the voters in Ohio, there are some who are already looking for ways to negate those results.

It is disgusting and discouraging. Their crass disregard for the majority shows, once again, that policy does not matter to some. Power and control are the mantras they espouse and wish to be the law of Ohio. Constant awareness is vital to avert the authoritarian takeover attempts so evident in the opposition.

Kathleen Rosati, Westerville

They want to repeal the will of the people

Pete Kadens guest column on Ohio’s repugnant politicians in Oct. 10 paper was spot on.

Ohio Republican leaders are now focused on repealing the will of voters, who handily passed issues 1 and 2 on election day. These so-called leaders need to be removed as soon as possible.

Reproductive rights for women and the right of adults to use and enjoy a plant, whether medicinally or recreationally, are now enshrined in the constitution and law. The people have spoken loud and clear. To now try and use their gerrymandered positions of power to reverse what the people have put in place is undemocratic and un-American.

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As we’ve seen in the debate on guns, rights in America, once obtained, are not easily taken away. Ohio Republicans should really think twice about where they are headed. Try to take away our rights and see what happens.

Bill Morris, Columbus

Time to move on

I should not be surprised that there are those already plotting to negate the will of the people. We have spoken, but they are not listening. Issues 1 and 2 have passed, move on. The majority of people favor reasonable gun controls, but do they listen? No. Remember this at election time.

John Stumpf, Worthington

Who do they represent anyway?

The passage of Issue 1 by 57% was a resounding statement about what the people of Ohio want, across the political spectrum.

Our state legislature, however doesn’t care what their constituents want as they have vowed to subvert the amendment in any way they can. I have many questions about our legislature, but the main one is who do you actually represent?

Holly Richard, Columbus

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