Hundreds Protest Election Results At Trump Rally In Cleveland!, By Carter Adams-WKSU, Posted November 11th 2020

More than 200 supporters of President Trump gathered in Cleveland over the weekend to decry what they call the fake election results that ended with Joe Biden as president-elect.

Protesters waved Trump flags and cheered as cars honked their support as they drove past the demonstration at Kamm’s Shopping Plaza on Cleveland’s west side.

“This is all fake. Once they get all the votes in, all that, we’re gonna come out as winners,” shouted one protester, as cars blared their horns.

Many attending the rally say President Trump should not concede the election. Richard Kline of Rocky River accused the Democratic Party of cheating.

“It’s gonna come out in court. We’re gonna wait for a week or two and it’s gonna come out in the lawsuits,” Kline said.

But, Kline says, he would abide by a Biden presidency if that’s how the Supreme Court rules.

A similar rally is scheduled for this coming weekend.

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