Dr. Dre Will Be Joined By Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Eminem And Kendrick Lamar For Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show!

TheRoot.com, By Jay Connor, Posted September 8th 2021

Jay-Z’s Roc Nation is about to deliver what could be the greatest Super Bowl Halftime Show ever.

In the post-Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Halftime Show era, the NFL has gone to great lengths to produce family-friendly entertainment (while we refill our drinks and nachos) with varied results. But thanks in part to Blue Ivy’s daddy, the first-ever Super Bowl in Los Angeles this century will not only be a tribute to legendary producer Dr. Dre, but the music and artists he ushered into our lives.

He started this gangsta shit, and apparently, this is the motherfucking thanks he gets.

From NFL.com:

Pepsi, the NFL and Roc Nation have assembled a lineup of trailblazing musicians to perform the Pepsi Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show: Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar will take the world’s biggest stage at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA on Sunday, Feb. 13, 2022, airing on NBC and Telemundo, and streaming live on Peacock.

The Pepsi Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show marks the first time these five multi-award-winning artists will perform together on stage, exciting music fans worldwide and holding a special significance for the greater Los Angeles community, as they host the Super Bowl for the first time in nearly 30 years. Collectively, these artists have been awarded 43 Grammys and have created 22 No. 1 Billboard albums.


 “I would’ve never thought that this moment would be happening right now,” Dre said in his announcement. “The fact that the NFL [and] Pepsi are allowing hip-hop to come into this game I’m so honored and so inspired to be able to come in and do this show.”

“Everybody around the whole world is gonna get a chance to see that Dr. Dre is the greatest at what he do,” Snoop added. “And how he assembled a strong team of people like us to get his back and support him.”

“On February 13, 2022, at the Super Bowl LVI in Inglewood, California, in the new SoFi Stadium, Dr. Dre, a musical visionary from Compton, Snoop Dogg, an icon from Long Beach and Kendrick Lamar, a young musical pioneer in his own right, also from Compton, will take center field for a performance of a lifetime,” Jay-Z said in a statement. “They will be joined by the lyrical genius, Eminem, and the timeless Queen, Mary J. Blige. This is the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show. This is history in the making.”

Considering Jay-Z’s previous stance on the NFL’s mistreatment of Colin Kaepernick, I would looooooooove to hear what the exiled quarterback thinks of the Roc Nation general now partnering with the league to produce its Super Bowl Halftime Shows. But for those who want no parts of the ethical issues that Jay-Z’s involvement raises, prepare to be amazed by what could end up being the greatest Super Bowl Halftime Show in NFL history.

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