Whoopi Goldberg’s Granddaughter Amara Skye Calls Her “Annoying” In Latest Interview!

TheRoot.com, By Candace McDuffie, Posted September 27th 2022

Amara Skye didn’t hold anything back in a new interview with Essence about her famous grandmother, Whoopi Goldberg. Skye, 32, is currently on the ABC reality television show “Claim To Fame,” hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas (of Jonas brothers fame).

The series features 12 celebrity relatives who live in a house together with the goal of concealing who in their family is famous. The winner receives $100,000 but Skye admits Goldberg was initially uneasy about her participation.


“She was scared,” she told the esteemed magazine. “But after everything went the way that it was supposed to go, she was happy. The best advice she gave me was to just do what [I] gotta do and come back stronger, better and, you know, prepared [because] this is my big break.”

She also says that the actress and The View co-host can get on her nerves, but that’s a normal trait that certain relatives possess.

“I just feel like people know my grandmother for being Whoopi. She’s iconic, she’s political, everything she says holds water, but that’s the viewer’s eyes,” Skye explained.

“She’s my grandmother and she’s also really a grandmother. People who are lucky enough to have them know, grandmothers are annoying and it’s another parent. You love her, but she’s annoying, and you know, it’s family.”

Ultimately, Skye is grateful for their unique bond. “Me and my grandma are super close. She’s everything. It gets frustrating because it’s like, how am I going to compete with that? But I’m lucky enough to have that.”

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