MXO ‘The Arts Unplugged:’ Legendary Film Maker Spike Lee’s Career The Subject Of New Brooklyn Museum Exhibit!, By Tron Snow, Posted November 3rd 2023

Spike Lee is getting his getting his flowers.

Legendary filmmaker Spike Lee hasn’t put down his film cameras or retired his iconic Double Dolly shot yet, but that does not mean his career, which spans over four decades, should not be celebrated.

On Tuesday, October 3, a new Spike Lee: Creative Resources exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum opened to special guests and press, celebrating the visionary who gave us films like She’s Gotta Have It, Do The Right Thing, School Daze, Malcolm X and BlacKkKlansman.

Notable attendees included the man of the honor, Spike Lee, and known film collaborators Laurence Fishburne, John Leguizamo, Adam Driver, and Giancarlo Esposito.

Other guests include actor Dean Winters, Hip-Hop superstar A$AP Ferg, Academy Award-winning costume designer Ruth E. Carter, Nia Long, GMA’s Robin Roberts, and more.

Lee spoke about the exhibit curated by Kimberli Gant and curatorial assistant Indira A. Abiskaroon that features over 450 pieces of the de facto native New Yorker via Atlanta, Georgia personal collection, according to USA Today.

Per USA Today:

Plotting the museum exhibit “was a process,” Lee says at a Tuesday preview of the exhibit, which opens to the public Saturday.


“You just don’t stick something up on the wall,” says Lee, 66. “You have different spaces and you move back and forth. And, you know, you try to make sure that you’re telling the story.”

Spike Lee Is Far From Done

Don’t think of this exhibit as some sign that Lee is nearing the end of his career. During the preview event, he proudly proclaimed that his “Legacy is not done.”

So we can expect more projects with the iconic “A Spike Lee Joint” labeling on them now that the WGA strike is officially over.

The Spike Lee Creative Resources exhibit runs from October 7 through February 4.

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